27 April 2008


carly & i have known each other since birth & were best friends from then until probably junior high. we never had a falling out, just different interests (she was sporty, I was artsy). None the less whenever we see each other, which is seldom, we amazingly still have the close bond that we had as little girls. Our lives are very different, but I still feel like I could tell you what she was thinking just by the look in here eye.

Last summer when I met her daughter, Allie Grace for the first time she was a little over a month old. There is something to be said about holding the daughter of your girlhood best friend. It's a magical. I looked at this tiny, perfect little baby girl and remembered plans Carly & I made as girls for our daughters to be best friends just as we were. And there I was, holding her daughter. As I was holding Allie I looked at Carly and whispered, "This is really amazing..", she grinned.

A few nights ago Carly and some of her family came to my work to visit me. They had dinner, cocktails and we caught up as best we could. Having her there made my day. Time truly stands still with our friendship & with every encounter I am astonished by that.


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