29 April 2008

My private dance party - interupted!

Tonight I went to the gym at around 10pm. It was pretty empty - this was good, what I wanted. I got on an elliptical machine, turned on my ipod and within seconds I was no longer at the gym, I was at a dance party. It was fantastic & I was having the best workout I've had in a long time and then a man (We'll call him Super Cologne Man - SCM) came & started working out on the elliptical beside me. Illusion popped, dance party over, workout in effect.

okay I know that anyone can use any machine they want to at the gym, but SCM jumping the elliptical neighboring mine was annoying for a variety of reasons. First of all he obviously ruined my private dance party and on top of that he was wearing this a ridiculous amount of very stinky cologne. But why the machine right next to mine? There were like 10 other ones available through out the gym.

Did I mention that he attempted to make small talk too? "Working hard?" he says.

"I'm sorry, what?" I say as i take one ear bud out, he repeats, I fake laugh while saying yes and try to find my dance party.

But I digressed and made the situation entertaining. For the remainder of the time I invented stories about SCM being a serial dater who goes to the gym latenight to meet women.




  1. Oh Jeez!

    I HATE that! I have a sensitive nose and I can't stand when someone's odor interferes with my work out! There used to be this really nice old Asian man at the Y that ran his guts out, smiling all the while, but dude started emanating garlic like nobody's business about 5 mins into his workout. I would have to move because I swear I could TASTE it.


  2. Would works out at 10pm? I'm in bed. Girl, you are just too, too ambitious.

  3. I would have moved, or at least made a face. I guess that's why I don't belong to a gym, I just hate sweating and I have bad gym etiquette!

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  5. Jenny: Thankfully this guy's odor wasn't garlic just Drakkar Noir or something..8th Grade cologne, I guess that's just as bad.
    Jenny:Oh, I'm not ambitious, just a night owl. I forgot to mention it was the first (& only) time at the gym this week.
    Camille: Making a face or moving isn't bad etiquette. You would do just fine at a gym..except that you hate to sweat. :)
    Tacomachickadee: Hi! Thanks for stopping! I read your blog often & am truly honored by your presence.