16 April 2008

only in minnesota

March 31, 2008

April 1, 2008

In Minnesota, March is a time of distress for us all. It has been winter for months and the snow is finally melting, teasing us for what inevitably lies ahead, when exactly is unknown. Sometimes it melts completely away and stays gone and spring begins. Other times the snow melts completely away with a couple of really nice, sunny days only to then be followed up with, I don't know, 8 inches of snow.

Yes this happens here. And when this happens everyone seems to be walking around with a scowl on their face because only two days before you could comfortably be outside in a t-shirt & now you have to wear your f**ing snow boots again.

Meanwhile, we're all chanting, In like a lion, out like a lamb. We are really counting on that lamb showing up sooner than later.

Snow typically does not happen past March 31. But this year it was snowing well into April. April 12 to be exact.

Yes, April 12. But then on April 13, it stopped and got sort of warm. But you don't want to get your hopes up because, well, it could snow again on April 14.

It didn't, and I don't think we'll see snow again until October or November. It was in the mid sixites and sunny today, so we might be out of the woods (though I'm not holding my breath).
Can you understand why midwesterners love to talk about the weather?

p.s. Don't feel bad for me; I do seriously enjoy this aspect of my Minnesota residency.

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  1. I feel your pain, Dahli. Last weekend it was 78 degrees and sunny; yesterday, we had snow flurries in my neck of the woods, but the hilly parts of the city got full-on snow. O Portland, my Portland!