15 April 2008

photo shoot with dad.

I inherited my enjoyment of photography from my dad. He has had a camera in his hand my entire life and has boxes and boxes (and a pretty full hard drive) to show for it. On my 19th birthday my dad gave me a Canon AE-1, the same camera he had. We then went out and took pictures around Minneapolis for hours. This is one of my all time favorite memories with my dad.

Nearly eleven years later, we still have the same camera (now it's a Canon Rebel xti) and wandering around and taking photos with him is still something I greatly treasure.

Yesterday we got to do this.

Dad came to town unexpectedly on Sunday and Monday morning he picked me up at 8:30am & we went to Minneapolis' beloved Minnehaha Falls. Here are a few of my favorite shots...



  1. What a great way to spend the day with Dad!

  2. jenny: I know, I love it, I'm kind of growing it out..
    Heather: It was - we had such a great morning!