20 May 2008

it's cyclic.

The babies are getting older which means of course that so are we. (That's Everett & jessie on the left, Wyatt & Heather on the right).

Last night I attended another family gathering. This time honoring my aunt Priscilla's 62nd birthday. Someone brought out a photo taken 12 years ago of my dad, his three siblings & their parents. My cousins & I studied the photo remarking how young everyone looked. Crazy, it was only 12 years ago. It really only feels like 5.

I don't think I'll ever stop feeling fascinated by the cycles that take place in families. The perpetual changing of the guard as people get older, have children, and so on.
Last night my aunt Priscilla was the last to sit down to dinner. She was worried about bottles for the babies and making sure we all had corn on the cob that was hot. Everyone encouraged her to sit down and eat (it was her birthday after all). When it became clear she wasn't going to, we reminisced about my grandma, who in her day was also the last to sit down at the dinner table. I looked at two of my cousins and said, "That will be us too."

It's cyclic.

As I snapped the photo above I thought about how Everett & Wyatt will look at it in 15 or 25 years. Will they study the photo as we did & remark at how young their moms looked?



  1. Love it! What a great moment on camera. You definitely have a way with the camera. :)

  2. Lovely post.

    I love looking at families and seing the resemblences and whatnot. I'm glad yours has you for a historian.