24 May 2008

car troubles.

so yesterday, Handsome Randy & I are out running errands together. We are merging from state hwy 280 onto Interstate 94 and our car just stops.


luckily we were on the only part of 94 that has a shoulder so pulling out of traffic was too tough. We called our insurance company (I thought we had roadside assistance, but we didn't), then we called our mechanic who kindly sent a tow truck our way, and then we called our friend and Randy's colleague, Jaybird who was supposed to meet with Randy momentarily. Jaybird just happened to be driving on 280 about to exit on 94 himself & did we need any help? We didn't, but I needed to get to work ASAP, so he picked me up & drove me.

So nice.

And Randy, my sweet handsome man, agreed to stay and deal with The Car.

So, it's probably the fuel pump and being that it's a holiday weekend we can expect to get it back about Wednesday or Thursday.


We do have a spare car in the garage, The Thunderbird. But about a month ago I used it & put the key in some super secret, safe location telling myself to "remember that it's here". But I can't remember.


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