01 June 2008

spring chickens.

It was the woman who was rockin' out in in jean capris & Keds that pushed me over the edge. She was having an amazing time; dancing, singing along, and laughing. I always love to see that, I love to be in that place, actually. But when she came running in, likely interupting a now rare cigarette, so excited to hear a certain song, my belly felt heavy.

Tonight I went to a show of the Nineties local rock sensation, The Magnolias. It was probably a really good show, but I was a bit blind sided by my own sense of mortality, so I didn't really take note. It was kind of a time warp; the majority of the crowd was dressed in the clothes they wore out to shows in 1995. This is all fine and good and probably me in 10 years, but dressed in the same clothes I wore in 2003 to 2 for 1s at The Triple Rock. The difference for the crowd between now & 1995 is a little sagginess & gray hair.

It wasn't that long ago that I thought I owned The Scene. Out every night, dressed to nines, laughing & listening to music while drinking too many cocktails. This crowd felt that too, but at a different time.

So inevitably this will be me too at some point, with some other person looking on feeling a little freaked out at their sense of mortality. Hopefully I'll be alright with it by then.


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