02 June 2008


I've heard so many complaints that I didn't post for over a week, that I feel like this fluffy post is necessary.

Okay, it was complaints from my two aunts, Stephanie & Kathy, via my un-internet aunt, Priscilla. But Steph & Kath, you represent the masses, right? Plus, I love to provide you with a little bit of entertainment at work.

So here's a little update.
One reason why blog posts have been fewer is that our internet is currently a little spotty. Since we moved to our current abode 2 years ago we've been lucky enough to borrow internet from a nearby educational institution. Well, that institution isn't feeling so generous anymore. They recently added a password to their internet access & they forgot to tell us what it was. So, we will soon have our own internet (password protected) connection. Currently we are brainstorming amusing names for the benefit of our neighbors. Any ideas?

As for our car: it's going to cost us a million dollars to repair & we're going to do it because we love our Subaru.

While this is a pretty lame situation, I will tell you this car repair bill has made me feel very responsible & adult like. Since I share the car with my lovely, Handsome Randy, I only have to come up with half of the million dollar car repair bill. And I am such a late twenty-something adult that I just happen to have it in Savings for such occasions as this one.

Oop! I guess I'll just write a check!

Ugh, I wish I felt that carefree about it. I hate the thought of depleting my dilligently maintained Savings account. But it is nice that our large car repair bill isn't a point of stress because we need to figure out where we're the money is coming from, but because it's money rather spent on a new bike (randy) & travel (me) or not spent at all. Saving so diligently is pretty new for me (about 2 years) & this is the first time I've really needed to use it. It's a lot harder to part with than I thought.

This is good, but my oh my I'm getting old.



  1. Hey Dahli -

    We love your blog, and sometimes I read it outloud at work, and we all love it! Maybe someday we'll get Priscilla to join in the fun.......we can always hope :)

    Love ya,


  2. Our wireless internet connection is called ZeusHitler. Don't ask me, I didn't come up with it!

    I totally understand about the depleting savings account. It's just painful.

  3. Kevin always reminds me that THIS is why we have savings. But I still cry because I want to just hoard my savings like a chipmunk.