08 June 2008


tonight handsome randy & I ran into a guy that I used to see out all the time. These were in my 2 for 1 triple rock days aforementioned ever so fondly last weekend. So we talk for a while and then it's bar close so we all walk out together. We're about to say goodbye & he excitedly says to us, "Randy & Dahli! What are you doing now?" We look at one another, "Um, we're going home."
Very disappointedly he says to us, "Oh, there's this really cool afterbar by sexworld & it would be so fun if you went."

Ah yes, afterbars. so very fun and full of debauchery. While I once looked forward to barclose to attend such parties, now I look forward to barclose so I can go home and fall asleep.
"Oh, thanks, but we're pretty tired."

& old.



  1. Love it.

    I don't think I ever had these days...when I had the energy I lacked the money...wait, I still lack the money.

    And if I stay up til 11, it's a big deal.

  2. Dissapointingly, your sexworld link doesn't work.

    Yes, I clicked on sexworld.