24 June 2008

enthusiastic about cycling.

I remember so clearly my first bicycle. It was a Strawberry Shortcake number with training wheels. I received it for my 5th birthday from my dad & stepmom. I was so excited! I road it up & down the block over and over. A few years later I had a royal blue Schwinn with a silver sparkly banana seat. I was on two wheels now & elated. This is the bicycle of my childhood. It was beautiful. So cool. My heart broke when I road it to school the one & only time as I was grossly made fun of for having a "hoopty" bike. It just didn't measure up to the shiny new Huffys everyone else had. While I was still proud of my Schwinn, I never rode it to school again.
My sparkly Schwinn was stolen out of our garage & was later replaced by a yellow Scwhinn just like it only the banana seat had pink flowers on it. (A lot like this one only yellow.) It did the trick, but I never stopped longing for my blue one.

I lost interest in bike riding after I grew out of the Schwinn. I had a scooter, graduated to a 10 speed but never really rode as much as I did in my elementary school years. That is until I met Handsome Randy.

I like to think of Handsome Randy a Cycling Enthusiast. A few months after HR & I met I was setting out to walk somewhere & he offered me a ride. I had no idea he had a car. This is because he rides his bike everywhere year round. He has 6 or 7 bikes in our basement to show for this.

It's slightly contagious.

Within months of HR & I getting together I was revisiting my lost cycling enthusiasm of my youth. A friend gave me an old Sears brand bright green cruiser. Handsome Randy tuned it up for me, I bought a helmut & off I went. Some of my favorite moments of the first Randy & Dahli summer are late night riding home on The Trail.

The following spring, HR helped me pick out a lovely Trek. This bike is great. Burnt orange and rides like a dream, especially after a summer on the Sears cruiser. I started riding to work and last summer, I started to ride a 15 mile loop at least 4 times a week. By the end of the summer, I wanted to ride faster.

A road bike was the answer. This week I found a great used one thanks to the help of HR & our friends spreading the word of my hopes & size. And here she is.

My new Surly Pacer. So pretty. So fast. I can hardly wait to get out & ride her again tomorrow.


  1. So cool! Good used bikes are so hard to come by! Especially in the summer.

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading!
    Jenny: I know, I feel so very lucky! Too bad we don't live in the same city, your Lemond would compliment my lovely pacer nicely.

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  4. Awesome bike! I would love to get a bike here except I think I'd die faster than I could pedal. These drivers are crazy.

    Hey, I changed my blog address: http://mesmers-eyes.blogspot.com/