15 June 2008

jumping in mud puddles with my dad.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5am, got in the Subaru & drove to Kansas City to surprise my dad for Father's Day. I arrived around lunch time, talking to my dad on the phone the last 10 miles of the drive. I was telling him all about the weather in Minneapolis like I was there & all the things I was going to get done that day. We got off the phone just as I was pulling into their subdivision.
I walked into the house & he says, "HI!", followed by, "Wait! What are you doing here?!"
Happy Father's Day.

It was priceless. I wished I had my camera to take a picture of the expression on his face, but I'd left it in the car.

After my presence set in we ate chicken salad sandwiches as he marveled how we (my stepmom, Karen, my two sisters & I) pulled off the surprise without him knowing. We had a great Saturday concluding with dinner al fresco & staying up late laughing and drinking too much wine.

Today, in great tradition, my dad & I went to Kansas City's Loose Park to take photos. There's a beautiful rose garden there and lots and lots of pathways. More importantly there is a tree that my dad loves to photograph. Today this tree was surrounded by lots of mud.

So my dad sets up his camera on a tripod in front of the tree. I stand by the tree so he can focus the picture. He puts the automatic timer on, pushes the button & runs to the tree with hopes to sit on the branch with me standing in front of him.
only he can't get up on the branch, not enough time.

take two.

flips flops are off so he can run to the tree faster thus having more time to climb it. He jumps in a mud puddle on the way splattering mud all over his feet and legs. As he approaches the tree I back away worried that he'll splash mud on me and precious $7 H&M sundress. The photo takes and we do not take a pretty picture.

take three.

My dad climbs the tree (causing me to laugh hysterically), I press the button on the camera & run to the tree in time to smile and pose with my dad. Only on the way I land in the giant mud puddle covering my legs and sundress. I do manage to make it to the tree in time, pose graciously for the photo & then survey the mud situation. it's not bad & makes us both laugh, but there's enough to wonder if there's a spare towel nearby (there wasn't).

In the end all was well. We rinsed off in a nearby fountain (Kansas City is the city of fountains after all) & looked like new. We walked around The Plaza, and did a little driving tour of other cool areas of Kansas City. Later on we all ate dinner al fresco once again and visited family nearby.

Tonight I still laugh as I think about my dad climbing the tree (or trying to) and the splatters of mud we endured for the ever perfect picture.



  1. What a wonderful Father's Day surprise! I spent the day with my dad also. No surprise though. I love the story. I could totally see this as you described it with the pictures. It sounds like a nice weekend. Kathy

  2. Yay Dahli! I'm so glad you got to spend Father's day with Joe. I LOVE the pics :)

  3. Thank you Aunts! I'm so glad you enjoyed!!