24 August 2008

The magic of NY.

When I was in New York last month I felt magical. It seemed that everywhere I went I evoked conversation from all walks of people. I was ever snapping photos with my beloved camera and always journaling. That trip left me yearning to live there like never before. Someday perhaps. In the mean time here is a favorite of the many shots I took in those amazing few days. I loved these ladies, though I am pretty sure they didn't love me photographing them.


  1. Catching up on several posts after vacation, what treats! Loves a reason to cry, and if you find out abot the pills, let me know. I have wondered that, too.

    Nice picture of the old ladies! I am really surprised you didn't just ask them, get invited to join them, and then be adopted by at least two. I expect no less from tha fabulous Dahli and her gift for talking to strangers. :)

  2. I can't stop staring at this photo.

    You're amazingly talented:) hope you had fun in seattle!

  3. Heather. Miss you too - was sad I couldn't make it work to see you guys while you were on the continent!
    Jenny. Thanks for catching up. No word on the effects of expired pills, though general consensus says they are just weaker, not dangerous.
    Josh. Oh! You are too kind to me! I miss you & can't wait to tell you about my PNW trip.