03 September 2008

rescued sunglasses.

This weekend Handsome Randy & I embarked on a journey to Seattle & Victoria. He was working, I was tagging along. It was great and entailed a few ferry rides, a customs search, 2 rap shows, lots of donuts and a pair of rescued sunglasses.

I LOVE my sunglasses. While they were a mere $8 at my favorite vintage shop, rewind I regard them as though they are gold. And they are, to me.

So morning #2 of our journey we head to the Victoria/Port Angeles Ferry 2 hours early to make certain we have space on the ferry. We arrive securing our place on the ferry and we have time to get breakfast. Our 4 traveling companions go off for food and as HR secures the van I realize that I have left my beloved sunglasses in the hotel.

"AAH!" I yell. I assume they are gone for good, after all, HR has many things to worry about for he is working. But no.

"Should we take a cab back to the hotel and get them?" he says.

"Sure, if you think it's worth it."

"You love them, it's totally worth it."

And so we cabbed it. With our French taxi driver and I making polite conversation along the way & me clutching my treasured sunglasses all the way back to the ferry,

What a fantastic man I have.

I will say that while I would do the same for him, I think if I were traveling alone I would have chalked the loss and thought about the lost sunglasses every time I bought a new pair. I once left a fantastic belt in DC never to get it back, and still think about it wishing I still had it to pair with various pieces.



  1. That's so great! And very nice of Randy. I would have considered them lost, too.

  2. Jenny: Remember that belt? That was when we went to DC together. We were on the airplane & I remember that I had forgotten it..