11 September 2008

grand plans.

You know how when you suddenly find yourself with a large chunk of freetime & you tend to make all these amazing plans for reorganization and day trips and project completions? And then the chunk of time comes and goes and really all you did was go grocery shopping, but you spent more money than usual because you had all this time to make things you don't typically have time to, except you didn't make them, you sat around watching a Project Runway marathon instead.

Yesterday, my beloved Handsome Randy boarded a tour bus & began a ten week long tour around the U.S. I've made all sorts of plans on how I will spend my time. In addition to visiting HR on the road a few times & watching the presidential campaign closely, I will eat healthier, keep the house super dooper clean & work out most mornings. I will write everyday and shoot photos twice per week and alter all those dresses "with potential" hanging in the closet.

This will all happen because I no longer have this hunk of a man distracting me.


I will probably eat healthier, but working out? Not in the morning (I really enjoy sleeping in), I do hope that I write more & shoot more photos, but the dresses in the closet "with potential"? I don't know, they've been in the closet for a long time and as for keeping the house clean? Maybe, but there are also a pile of dishes in the sink as I write this, so...maybe not.

Making these plans, whether they come to fruition or not, are my own way of coping with the absence of my partner for such an extended period of time. Every once in a while I encounter someone who will sigh to me with semi-pity when I tell them HR's whereabouts & the timeline it entails. I appreciate the sympathy, but I'm fine, we're fine & I know what I'm signed up for as my relationship with HR progresses. So it's expected actually (his absence) and part of the rhythm of what keeps us great.

In the mean time I have some dresses to alter or some television programs to catch up on & only ten weeks to do so.



  1. Oh stop with your reality talking. You should see my list for when I'm done working. I'm going to get SO MUCH done. ;)

  2. Oh, Jenny. You will get lots done, but you are a way better task master than I.