16 August 2008

Sad Peaches

Every Thursday in downtown Minneapolis there is a Farmer's Market along Nicollet Mall. Every Thursday I arrive to work and think, "F! It's Thursday, I should've gotten here early & shopped!". Lucky for me, last week there was a flower stand in front of work & I bought a beautiful bunch of Gladiolas. This week their presence on the dining room table helped me remember to arrive downtown with time to shop. So I did with list in hand:

1. Flowers

2. Peaches.

I found some peaches at an amazing price (6/$2) & found a beautiful bouquet of Sunflowers for $3. I walked to work with an extra spring in my step feeling happy & accomplished with my purchases. After putting away my things in the dressing room at work, I picked up the peaches and promptly dropped them all on the floor. THUD THUD THUD

I gathered them up & offered everybody one to eat as they would be bruised and no good by the end of our shift. I had a few takers but was left with 3. I put the remaining three in the fridge only to find a bag of mush at the end of my shift. I threw them in the trash.
so very sad.


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