10 August 2008

taken over by bees.

Currently flying around my house are a wasp & two bees.

Why don't you simply kill them, Dahli? One might ask.

Well, because I hate killing insects (unless its a clothes eating moth) it just doesn't seems fair to them. So I typically coax any insect who has found their way into my abode into a cup and throw it outside where it belongs. All done, see you later Centipede! By the way, do you know that when a leg of a centipede is somehow severed it keeps moving for at least five minutes? I learned that first hand last week when attempting to coax a very skittish centipede out of our bathtub. It ended up outside, but lost a leg or two in the process. I was fascinated by that discovery,

Handsome Randy however, was not.

Back to the bees.

Bees & Wasps sting. I have been stung more times in my life than I can count, including being chased by a swarm of bees when I was ten years old & subsequently stung at least 15 times (yes we counted & I do still remember - you don't forget things like that). So, I just try to let them be(e). But this can be difficult. Last week there was a bee that hung out in our upstairs bathroom on my contact lens case for a good two days. This proved to be difficult & I did sleep in my contacts the first night, the second night, HR bravely entered the bathroom and retrieved all necessary toiletries for me. He kept offering to kill the bee, I told him no, just leave it. But then, I relented when in the middle of the second night when i had to pee and the bee was sitting on the toilet seat. HR kindly plodded out of bed, collected the bee & flushed it down the toilet. And you know what's crazy? I felt a little bit guilty.



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  2. Wow! Rarely is spam so informative!

    I love that you feel badly about killing insects. :) I find that I feel differently depending on the location. If I am in their habitat, I let them be. If they are in mine, and mine is in the city, I squish.

  3. Jenny. That spam was quite informative, indeed! Who knew?