01 December 2008

magical snow.

Snow. The magic of white flakes falling from the sky.
It is so very magical.
When my grandmother was living she always seemed to be so happy when the pretty white flakes feel from the sky, especially when they were those thick, tissue paper like kind that are so picturesque. Sometimes, when it snows I feel as though that is her way of saying hello & I try really hard to feel her presence.
This weekend it snowed overnight. I slept late & walked out of the house to meet Handsome Randy & there it was: SNOW! Not a lot, only enough to blanket the yard with a few fallen leaves poking through. But enough to make it officially winter in Minneapolis & celebrate my grandma's love for snow for a few moments while I relished her memory.


  1. you have such a lovely voice here Dahli. it paints a picture.

  2. Thanks Heather!
    Jenny: I know, I'm slacking on the photos..sorry.