08 February 2009

Jet Laggin' It.

So. I'm nearing the end of my quick little jaunt to Paris. I really felt like I had a handle on my sleeping patterns. Last night bed by 1 & up at 9. Today I went to bed at 11 so I could get up early to see a few things before our flight back to MSP. This is how it went: in bed by 11, asleep at 11:15, awake at 12, 1, & 1:30 (just long enough to check the time) & then wide awake at 2.
Wide awake at 2am, I checked my clock 3 times before I believed it as it felt like I had been asleep much longer. I swear time passes a little more slowly in Paris
So I'm awake & I will blog: Happy Monday morning Aunts Stephanie & Kathy!

I lied in the dark for an hour or so. Then went to the EuroPhone & gave Randy a ring, came back up to my super sweet hotel room (complete with balcony & deep soaking tub) and turned on the television. 1 or 2 Law & Order episodes later (over dubbed in French) later & I am still awake, now determined to stay awake until 6:30 when I am going to board the Metro walk down Champs-Elysse (singing the song all the while) to the Art D' Triomphe. Then I will find a great little cafe where I will enjoy a croissant & coffee. I've had a lot of time to think this plan through.
So let me tell you about my whirlwind trip. I came here to babysit my little friend, Pellegia, while her parents (also my friends), Channy & Alexei of Roma Di Luna perform at the Parisienne music festival, Sons D'Hiver (trans. Sounds of Winter).

We arrived Saturday morning, I took a little rest and then headed to Le Louvre where it would have been so very easy to spend all day, but I decided to just go in buy a postcard & peek at the Mona Lisa. Then off to the Eiffel Tower where I climbed to the 1st & second platforms but not the top as it was closed. I walked down the mall along side the tower and then found a patisserie for Chocolate Chaud Hot Chocolate. I arrived back to our hotel via a 40 minute metro ride & felt a little bit kicked. I took a long bath, a little rest & then went out in search of dinner. I ordered in French, the server smirked at me & said "One moment, Madame." & my hopes of passing as a Parisienne were dashed. I was in bed by 1 after a visit with Pellegia & her parents.

Today was show day. At 11am we were picked up & taken to the venue for soundcheck. I walked around listening to the rehearsal/soundcheck while filling up on baggettes, Brie, chocolate and oranges.

We came back to the hotel, rested a bit and then Channy & Alexei went to the show. Pellegia and I walked to Notre Dame along the Siene. It was a lovely, lovely day here - so sunny & relatively warm (50's). This is in sharp contrast to yesterdays snow & rain. So we walked and watched all the Parisiennes in motion. We arrived at Notre Dame & went inside looked around, tried to talk with a nun (we didn't understand eachother very well) & then walked home on the other side of the river. It was a great day.

I am enamored by this city. The first time I heard police sirens I felt a little excited as they sound so European..oh wait, that's because I'm in Europe. But seriously, I do feel like the sound of fluttering birds has a sense of excitement that I've not heard before. Or perhaps it's just hearing birds flutter in Paris generates excitement for me that no other flock of fluttering birds has before.

My story isn't done yet..I still have to experience tomorrow & then I can tell you the rest.
I feel that this is a poorly organized post..sorry for that - I've been up all night!

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