28 March 2009

The Spectacular Cousin Liam

My cousin, Liam invited me to his school play this week. I've been to a few school plays of Liam's, they are always so much fun to watch. He is in them, of course, but also because I have done so much theatre in my life that it's so refreshing to see it done by elementary school kids.

So I went with camera in tow ready to take photo after photo of my favorite ten year old. I went to a daytime performance; there were only a few other family members there and the rest of the audience was comprised of students. Liam attends the same elementary school I did so it's kind of fun to be back there in the middle of the day amongst the student body. Not to mention there is a teacher or two still there from my day.

This production held a little more weight than the past plays because it's Liam's last year in elementary school & his final play there. The play was called, "The Best Little Theatre in Town". It was about a theatre that was in danger of closing due to financial problems. It had all the necessary ingredients for a good and exciting times: lies, love & police chases and it was a musical which added singing and dancing. So much fun.

My cousin, Liam is more like a nephew to me as he's 20 years younger. So I have a little more of a maternal feeling toward him than I do with my other cousins who are all closer to my age. He sang a duet and when he sang it was perfect; great pitch, lovely tone and he sported spectacular stage presence. I was so proud that when the applause came I stood up and shouted, "BRAVO!! BRAVO!!" and then looked back at the entire school population behind me and said, "That's my cousin!! Wasn't he fantastic!!".

Okay, I didn't do that. But I really, really wanted to.

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