19 March 2009

Feeling Hefty.

I am having a day in which I feel a little bit hefty.


And before I continue on this topic, I want to make very clear that I know I am not fat or even remotely overweight, just a little bit out of shape. Okay, a lot out of shape.

This morning I went to the gym for the first time in far too long. I pulled on my work out pants and they were tight. Tight! They have never ever been tight. This was the beginning of my self deprication and evolved into some pretty disgusted sighs as I looked in the full length mirror while I stretched. In the very least my too tight work out pants & self depricating mirror gazes provided some motivation to get on the elliptical as fast as possible and stay there.

But I couldn't. I got on, set the program for 30 minutes and danced away...Outkast, Le Tigre, Aretha - all the motivators but it was not enough. By the fourth song I was exhausted and with out energy. I was annoyed and pushed through three more songs counting the seconds until they ended...so I pushed myself to the 2 mile mark and jumped off, a little defeated but not without a wake up call that I need to get back there. ASAP.


  1. I am also on a fitness kick. I am out of shape with pounds to lose. I am down 5 in the last month, so hope to be at my happy weight and summer ready by June. It motivates me to know that you are doing the same! You go girl...Here's to being healthy!

  2. I am with ya on the gettin-in-shape path. Hawaii is less than 6 weeks away! Keep at it and as Heather said, here's to being healthy!