17 March 2009

Beginning of the End.

Our house is such a 'sty right now. The thing that always gets me moving is washing the bathroom & kitchen towels. But our washer is out of order presently so I have to go to the Laundromat or a kind relative's house & that takes a little more planning & effort. I working on a plan right now...I swear.

But seriously, it's lucky for me that the weather warmed up because I could just move into my summer clothes & not worry about which dirty clothing item is the cleanest. We all have done this is dire times right?

Handsome Randy is leaving for SXSW early tomorrow. His absence always seems to inspire a major cleaning overhaul. Tomorrow it will for sure begin. It obviously won't happen today as I am too busy writing about it.

I never stop feeling amazed at how much more productive I feel with a clean house. Perhaps because the housekeeping isn't hanging over my head to get done or I feel more organized or something. But it always feels like i get so much more get accomplished, even if all my day consisted of was watching a Bravo reality TV marathon. I guess I could pay closer attention without the distraction of random, accumulated junk on our coffee table.

And by the way, at which moment did we give up on our clean living quarters & start to leave random junk on the coffee table. And dining & kitchen tables for that matter? That is always the beginning of the end of a clean house. It probably began the same day we started leaving our dirty clothes in the bathroom.

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