16 March 2009

Spring Signals.

This morning I walked out of our house in my usual attire as of late: black tights, boots, a dress & jacket to keep me warm. I got to the car, threw my belongings inside & then stopped. It was so nice out, 65 degrees to be exact. I was going to have a miserable day in winter wear on this lovely spring day. So I went back inside & fretted over what to wear, intent on having bare legs despite how blindingly pale they are. I ended up in a summer dress (I know I'm pushing it a little bit), sneakers with no socks (eeeeh!) and a cotton cardigan. Immediately my mood shifted up about 1000 degrees.

My day has been spent running errands, the car windows down at all times with great music blaring. I got to take an hour long walk and even bought a cold press coffee instead of my usual hot dark roast. Ah, it was so very refreshing on this nice, warm day.

The smell of spring is rampant and I love it, even though at this point it seems to be derived mainly from goose poop. But let me tell you, goose poop has never smelled so good on a sunny day.

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