25 March 2009

online shopping.

I am in the market for a new wallet. The one I have now is this Trifold silver synthetic leather with a snap & a coin pocket that I bought at Urban Outfitters 3 years ago for around $25. I love it, it's perfect, but the lining is all worn down in the change compartment & now all my coins fall out. This will simply no longer do.

$25 lasted 3 years, the wallet before was a coin purse that I purchased for $10 & lasted one year. This time I'm willing to spend some serious money, like Coach kind of money.
I don't need room for much: My ID, my library card, maybe a photo or 2, cash & coins. In the world of fine leather accessories, I need a "Mini".

After searching high & low at Coach, Nordstrom & beyond. I found this. It's perfect. It's small & it comes in green! But for whatever reason I just can't finish the order. It's in my "shopping cart", I have the funds, everything's good to go. I even look at it everyday online. But I just can't seal the deal.

This is what happens when I shop online. I am too contemplative for my own good.

In my closet right now is a dress I ordered from a J. Crew Final Sale last winter. It's a 6P, I need a plain 6. I ended up with a 6P instead because I stared at the regular 6 online too long & by the time I got up the gumption to just order the damn dress all the regular size 6 dresses were gone. So ordered a 6P with the thought, "Well I am only 5'5, that is on the cusp of petite". True. But it's just a little too small (I should have gotten an 8P) & it was Final Sale so I'm stuck with it. If I would have just ordered the dress from the beginning I would have worn the dress by now because it would fit me.

Now if you would excuse me, I have to go press "submit order" on a certain website

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  1. Hobo makes wonderful items. Corazon sells Hobo if you need to touch it before you buy it:)

    good luck.