24 March 2009

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION (makes me nervous).

In my quest to make a living without an apron I have been doing a little networking with the help of my friend, Beth. One thing that always comes up is the importance of promoting yourself, talking yourself up, pointing out how great your stuff is.
Oh! This is sooo scary for me.
I was raised to be ever so modest & complimentary of others, not myself.
But here goes, modesty is going out the window.


Be sure to visit my NEW WEBSITE



  1. It looks fahbulous!! I love it, go Dahli!

  2. dahli, i think this is awesome.
    way to fucking just do it. (that's generally my motto, btw, to just fucking do it. wes taught me that after years of listening me being wishy washy about everything).
    i love the vibrancy of the colors and am a big fan of the main picture.
    if i can add something, i'd say enter in a contact page where people can just click to email or visit any links associated with you (the films especially). it just makes it easier to get in touch since people are LAZY. i know i am.
    good work lady. i know randy is probably totes impressed!

  3. Hey Dahli! cool site...you gotta get your rates up on the site for your photog stuff (or ranges)
    I know lots of mommies who love to get pics of their babes....


  4. Thanks ladies! Feedback is so appreciated as it is always a little nervewracking to put yourself out there so plainly.

    & SHannon - Rates will be up soon!