15 April 2009

Can't Wait to See Phylicia!

I think the Cosby family is the only television family I really wanted to be a part of. They were all so smart and always had a great time together. And the parents, Cliff & Clair were so in love and carried on the ideal equal partnership.

Clair Huxtable was a working mom who did it all and could still have a great laugh at the end of the day. As a mom, she was fair and wise with a lot of humor and love. Clair Huxtable was kind of a Donna Reed for me; when I imagine myself as a mother, I hope I can be just like Clair.

While I am completely serious, I am also realistic.

I do realize that Clair Huxtable is not a real person and only lives in the heart and minds of NBC viewers who watched Thursday night television in the eighties. But she was brought to life ever so perfectly by Phylicia Rashad.

Phylicia Rashad is coming to Minneapolis this coming Tuesday, April 21st! She will be appearing at Orchestra Hall as part of the Smart Talk series. As you can imagine, I am very much looking forward to hearing what she has to say - I know it will be great!

If you want to go (you should) tickets are still available. Go here to purchase them.

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