30 April 2009


It will never cease to amaze me how much more productive I feel when our house is clean and I am all caught up with various menial tasks.

We are having a furnace problem and while it is spring, it is still cold at night & I would like more help keeping warm than the 3 blankets that are on our bed. So our landlord is allegedly stopping by tomorrow or Saturday to take a look at & hopefully remedy the problem.

This is when the messy house becomes a problem.

Our back hallway where the furnace resides is a disaster - it is our recycling area and it's also the drop off point for things that need to go upstairs except those things never seem to get there. The majority of my clothes that are in current circulation of being worn are on the floor in the bathroom as well as 4 or 5 pairs of my shoes. Junk mail is in a pile on the living room floor. I took the garbage out yesterday but the trash can is still in the middle of the kitchen floor waiting for a new bag.

You get it. Embarrassingly messy.

So tonight I remedied all of it. All of it. No joke. And to top it off I finally downloaded 6 CDs into itunes that I've been meaning to for so long. And that is what felt the best of everything.

By the way, Handsome Randy if you are reading this, you are not allowed to give me shit for our messy house that I tout as being so spic and span clean whilst you are on the road. This was a minor slip...


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