06 May 2009

Finding Thunder Bay

This weekend I drove up to Thunder Bay, Ontario to get a little peak at Handsome Randy. I had 36 glorious hours to interact with my lovely partner in crime. And for maybe the first time ever in all my visits to him on the road, we did absolutely nothing. Not. A. Thing. We went out to dinner, returning to the hotel to read & watch TV with our ankles intertwined. When all the good TV was turned into infomercials we turned the television off & just talked until 5am. It was great. Maybe the best visit ever & it was because it was Thunder Bay.

There is not a lot going on Thunder Bay.

Thunder Bay is a sad little city that looks like it may have been a great place in a time long ago. It sits on beautiful Lake Superior & has charming little storefronts & sweet little houses. But the storefronts are vacant and the houses are saggy and everyone seems to need something that they're not getting.

When Randy was loading in & soundchecking I was off shooting photos of unsuspecting Thunder Bayites, having donuts at Robin's & driving around trying to see what this city once was. There seemed to be very little to love about it. One of the main thorough fare roads was lined with what seemed to be the skeleton of an abandoned train, another with half empty strip malls.

But somebody has to have pride for Thunder Bay, right? Somewhere in those sagging houses & vacant storefronts there has to be somebody who loves Thunder Bay, it's culture & it's train skeletons for just what they are. Yes, somewhere there is someone, probably some people who love Thunder Bay & the quiet it provides.


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