26 August 2009

Pure Cowboy Boot Bliss

Today we spent the day in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We slept in and ate homemade carnitas & tamales from a street vendor in the plaza for breakfast. HR had a little bit of work to do after so I wandered the streets of the old city to do some window shopping. I stumbled upon a pretty sizable vintage store and was easily caught up in a dozen or so old cowboy boots in a dusty corner. They were all nicely priced but none were the right size. I meandered some more and followed a sign to the "Western/Ranch" section. I rounded the corner & this is what I saw:

I was in awe; I love cowboy boots. I have a plethora of pairs and wear them with almost everything and as much as possible. There was nothing I could remotely justify buying as we are 6 days from purchasing our house & all the boots were $300 - $1000, but I was in heaven to say the least. Just to be in a room with hundreds of vintage cowboy boots was an experience in itself. They were amazing to look, touch, and in sometimes imagine how fantastic it would be to wear certain pairs out on the town. If we were already in the house I would have taken out my visa in a flash & purchased the green & yellow pair in the top photo without second thought.

Later on as HR & I walked through a shopping complex to escape from the rain, we encountered yet another store filled with boots. These were all brand new and boots were priced $1000+ on average. In this store there was an incredible pair of black boots with colorful peacock feathers stitched down the sides and over the toe. I didn't take a photo unfortunately, but I did realize something from those boots.

Today I acquired a new appreciation for Cowboy Boots as an art form. There are so many designs, colors, stitching, heel styles and such that variance of Cowboy Boots out there is spectacular. They are a canvas and an amazing canvas at that.

Next time I'm in Santa Fe I vow to leave with a new & amazingly beautiful pair of cowboy boots on my feet.


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