14 September 2009

Checkin' Back.

Hello. I missed you. Sorry to have been so quiet for far too long. But, you know, we drove home from Santa Fe, packed up, bought a house, painted many of the rooms and tore up all the carpet...then we moved in.
And, we finally got wireless internet a few moments ago. We've had plain old internet for about a week but I am far too distracted by our new house (and a little lazy) to hook up to a cord.
I am so tired and so sore and achy...but I can't seem to want to go to bed at a decent hour or sleep for a decent amount of time. There is so much to do and unpack and arrange and settle in and...well, you get it. I have lots of excitement.
This week I will share it all with you. Thanks for checking back & reading; I so appreciate it.

1 comment:

  1. can't wait to hear more! getting a new house ready is so exciting!