02 October 2009


There is a glimpse of normalcy in my life once again.

Tonight the job that I have been looking forward to for so very long finally began. Truly. My last shift at the old job happened two weeks ago & since then I have been training at the new one. But, tonight all the gloves were off & it all came to be. So sweet! It is going to be a spectacular place to work & I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.

Also: the limbo is over, sort of. All of our belongings are finally in one place, the old apartment is gleaming clean and this morning I went to our old apartment and dropped off the keys. Phew! This is such a relief! Unfortunately the relief completely dissapates when I walk into our slapdash room (Real Estate Speak, "Bonus Room") and see that it is jam packed with our belongings that we are unsure of what to do with.

But I see it..I can almost taste it. Just being. No boxes to unpack or studying to be done or carpets to shampoo. All I will need to do is be.


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  1. we are so in the throes of this as well. i have not quite reached the glimpse phase yet, but i am close. really close...hang in there and loving the frequent updates