06 October 2009

Good Thing.

Late last spring a little rattling noise started somewhere in the hood of our car. We commented on it to each other, talked about bringing the car into our mechanic, but never did anything about it. About three weeks later we were driving on the freeway & our car just stopped. When our mechanic looked at the car the first thing he asked was if we had heard any strange rattlings or noticed any burning smells. When we admitted to the rattling he told us that if we would have brought it in right then our repair would have been $300 tops. But we didn't, so our repair bill was nearly $3k. Yes, $3k. We kicked ourselves for a while after that.

With that experience you can imagine the dread I felt early last week when a rattle started to sound every time I pulled into 4th gear. I put off bringing the car in for about a week, but it nagged at me. I called our mechanic's garage where the person who answered the phone informed they were "really busy and I could bring it in but it would probably just sit until Thursday." Well, that doesn't sound helpful. So I just continued to drive it and wince with every rattle I heard while trying to discern if the rattle was getting worse or staying the same. Meanwhile, Randy is frequently asking how the rattle is and when I am going to bring the car in. My ears were ringing.

Yesterday I drove by our mechanic's garage on the way to run some errands & noted that there were very few cars in the lot. On the way back I impulsively stopped. I took one of the technicians for a drive and after hearing the rattle he was certain he knew what it was. We got back to the garage & he said to me, "Good thing you brought this in now or it could have been really expensive later,"


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