11 October 2009

A Shift

Handsome Randy is currently on the road and will be for a while. I spend so much time at our new house just being and puttering and glowing and feeling old (in a very good way).

This coming weekend my dad & stepmom are coming to Minneapolis for a wedding & they're staying with me. I think this officially seals my fate as an adult. I now live in a house that my parents feel comfortable and excited to stay in and I am comfortable and excited for them to do so.

Many aspects of Homeownership seem to Adultate me. When my Uncle Chris is over helping with random things like installing new stairs outside (today) or fixing the lock on our garage (Monday) and he asks me for a tool and not only do we have it (thanks in large part to him) but there is a convenient place for it & it's there.

I am consumed with gardening. I have planted so many perennials in the past few weeks and I still have more in my garage & at my mom's waiting for me. Listen to me, I am trading perennials with my mom.

There also seems to be coffee on all the time since we acquired our new residence. For me this is also synonymous with adulthood. So whenever anyone stops by to visit (or install a small staircase) it's ready to serve. My grandparents seemed to always have coffee on, and this house seems to bring out a lot of my grandma that's in me; I keep a sheet covering the sofa at all times (except when company's over) so it won't get dirty.

I'm not complaining. I love this shift, in fact I am reveling in it.



  1. i wish i could pop by for a cup...hopefully soon