27 November 2009

Giving Thanks and...

A great day was had today as we ate turkey & such while gathered with relatives around a few different tables in good old Northeast Minneapolis.  I am not sure if our new house being in such close proximity to both Thanksgiving destinations has something to do with this or if we've just gotten it together finally, but this was the first year in which it did not feel like a giant production to get out the door.  

We woke up, gussied ourselves up & headed out with cheeseball in hand arriving at our first of two destinations around noon.  The day was lovely.  So much laughter, the best food ever, and of course a family walk around the block.  Additionally there was a light wand show, a clarinet & flute duo, a very complex Christmas gift drawing of names, & a heated discussion or two...or three.

I still can't believe that today was Thanksgiving.  It feels too early, or perhaps I'm just not quite ready to deal with the hassles of the month of December.  


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