20 November 2009

He Made It.

In the period of time Handsome Randy & I have been together I have developed a few rituals to keep me sane upon his tour arrival & departures. Mainly this involves cleaning & food. On both occasions, I clean our house top to bottom and go to grocery store and splurge on things I typically don't such as Fruity Pebbles & Jell-O Pudding.

This morning at a little bit past 8am he phoned to let me know he was outside. I had only gone to bed an hour before as I spent the night cleaning. It was not all that grueling, I kept getting distracted by things on television such as General Hospital, Law & Order, & Roseanne. This arrival home had a little more weight to it than usual. He left on tour a mere 2 weeks after we purchased our house. I had an incessant need for everything to be perfect. Thus the night was not only spent cleaning, but hanging pictures and finally putting those boxes away in the laundry room.

And he's home. We both can't stop smiling at each other & I can't wait to share a whiskey tonight before we retire to our treehouse bedroom.


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