01 November 2009

THe Uptown Bar

I went to the Uptown Bar a few nights ago for what will be the last show I ever will see there. The stage has graced the likes of The Replacements, Soul Asylum & even Nirvana in their very early years. I felt like I was 23 all over again. I stood in the way front and danced feeling the wind of the PA vibrations on my face. The lights were vibrant to me and everyone seemed to be on fire from the music.

Everything around The Uptown Bar has been slowly changing to the antithesis of what the neighborhood once was. The bar offers glimpse of what Uptown, Minneapolis used to be. Soon it will all be extinct as The Uptown Bar is closing & being bulldozed to make room for a North Face store expansion & a new shop - maybe a J. Crew or Pottery Barn.


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