15 January 2010

2010: Year of Gratitude

My college chum, Jenny is doing a Year of Gratitude on her blog. Another college chum, Camille, has followed suit. I love this and feel it is important, especially in the wake of what seems to be so much madness going on. My aforementioned lady friends are dedicating their entire blogs to the cause in the coming year, this is not my plan...once a week or so, I think. I encourage you to also incorporate this reflection into your own routine whether it be in your blog, journal, or daily conversations.

I am grateful to have made it to 2010 and feeling good to boot! I have so much hope for what is in store for me in the coming months, I cannot wait to see how it unfolds and look forward to writing about it as it does. My partner, our house, my family and friends, my job, my health...even my cats. I look around at all that I am a part of and grin, I am so very lucky. As my excitement grows, I keep in mind those who are struggling and perhaps already looking ahead to 2011 for relief. Luck in life ebbs & flows. I am currently flowing with luck and feel very grateful for it.


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