23 October 2010

Boyz II Men!

Remember this?

Man, I loved this song. It was my freshmen year of high school. I had the casette, Cooleyhighharmoney. Back then I was wearing Girbaud Jeans, Keds, & sported an Esprit Bag to school everyday.  Additionally, I'm pretty sure I listened to my Shai & Jodeci records until well after my mother could even sing along. It was the summer after that I discovered 4 Non Blondes & Stone Temple Pilots which led to Juliana Hatfield, Bikini Kill & The Pixies upon which I promptly traded my Girbauds in for thriftstore Wranglers, accompanied by Chuck Taylors & a canvas backpack that was decorated with a sharpie...and well, the rest is history.


1 comment:

  1. Oh MAN. Those matching flannels and white t-shirts, the thick round glasses...I thought those guys were so cute and had AhMAYZing fashion sense. :)