15 October 2010

Catch Up: The Demolition of Slapdash

This is kind of old news, I know. But I never posted photos or devoted a proper post(s) to the home project that dominated the better part of our summer.

Our house was built in 1950. In 1970 the previous owners added a beautiful dining room addition & renovated the kitchen. Somewhere during the 80's they added what we call The Slapdash Room. We assume The Slapdash Room was originally used for a bedroom for one of the six kids that were raised in our house. It was not the most impressive of rooms, probably more so in it's early years. By the time we came along the carpet was musty, smelly & laid over a concrete slab that was cracking & heaving. The walls were a combination of vinyl siding, 2x4s used as bricks & wood sheeting. There was an entrance/exit to outside (probably pretty sweet for a teenager) & 3 windows that no longer opened.

Initially our plan was to keep the structure as is but replace all the walls with screens & make a screen porch. Then our inspector came through & encouraged us to tear down & start over. We knew if we waited longer than a year it might never happen. So during the winter we started making plans & in May we tore The Slapdash Room down.

9 May, 2010
Randy + his dad, Jim tearing down.

Through the demolition we discovered that The Slapdash Room was originally a covered patio. The previous owners merely built two walls, a sub roof & a sub ceiling with lots of insulation in between. Here is what's left of the aluminum patio roof. Amazing.
All gone! Randy & Gus, our contractor & husband to my cousin, Heather.

A few days later, the concrete people came & made way for the new concrete. A lot of the old concrete pieces were used in our patio.

I must admit that while I knew it would be spectacular when it was finished. When our yard was in this state it did make me feel a little nervous.
More to come!

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