12 October 2010

Re Entry

Randy arrived home this week after a month long tour of the United States. While I am elated to have him back in our house, there is a period after his arrival that we call "Re Entry" & currently we are in the thick of it.

"Re Entry" is a time in which I am adjusting to sharing my space again & he is adjusting to not being on the road. We bicker, we kiss, we bicker more, I roll my eyes often & he sighs. It is a little more intense this time around & I am not sure if it's because it was such a short tour or because I seem to grow sassier everyday (this is another post in itself). Whatever the reason, I am grateful that we talk about it, laugh it off & are comfortable enough to make fun in the company of others.

Wish us luck.



  1. I'm afraid if you're becoming MORE sassy.

  2. It all depends on how you deal with it. Continue to laugh and not take each other so seriously. Ah, love, what do we do?

  3. When Matt comes home from a long shoot, the same thing happens to us. I put something away, then it's gone, my favorite food has suddenly disappeared...the little things you become accustomed to are suddenly interrupted. Hope things are getting easier! xo