12 May 2007

annoying women sitting behind you in restaurants.

so i'm blogging on location in atlanta, georgia at this little bar called The Local. I'm a little drunk.
i've been here for quite a while..maybe an hour and a half. i'm meeting randy here..(in atlanta). But he's a little late; there are a lot of wild fires in florida right now & this caused their 6 hour drive to turn into a 10 or 11 hour drive. so, i'm waiting at the bar down the road from the club brother ali is playing at tonight. drinking pint of bass after pint of bass.
anyway. i arrive at this bar & stake out a great table on the front porch. I sit down, order a beer, some food & I sit back feeling so very relaxed. then she comes. The most annoying woman in the atlanta. She's itty bitty, but her voice is super dooper & she spouts off for moments on end about the most mundane things...how her dog pees when she walks it, why atlanta is better than ANYWHERE in Florida, how her 19 year old sister is dating a man whose five years older than her..i'm over it. But i'm stuck; i have a suitcase, a carry on bag & a purse..and nowhere else to hang out unless I want to carry it all to another bar. and i'm already a little bit drunk so..maybe i'll bum a cigarette from her to pass the time..

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  1. GAH! Oh how I HATE loud talkers! From the depths of my soul, I HATE THEM.