11 May 2007

bats in my bedroom!

early this morning I awoke to a commotion on the stairs leading up to our bedroom. I sat up in bed just in time to see what looks like 3 animals chasing eachother. Well, this is not right; we only have 2 cats.

I turn on the light wondering what this 3rd animal could be..another cat? A rat? I look again and see that it is a bat. I of course scream while running to turn on all the lights. When I return my cat, asha is staked out in front of a closet. Perfect, I think, I'll close the door, lock the bat in the closet & deal with it in the morning.

no such luck.

the bat was hiding on the outside of the closet door; when I closed the door it flew at me.




asha now catches the bat. for an instant i think this might be okay; then I won't have to catch it. But I am overcome with the thoughts of how good bats are (they eat all sorts of insects and they are really cute) & the thought of bat blood all over our bedroom, so I shoo asha away.

did i mention that the time is 5am?

I call randy, waking him up in his North Carolina hotel room and cry about the bat and how much it sucks having a bat in our house. he listens patiently & says all the right things to soothe me. we agree that I should close the bedroom door and sleep on the couch.

I do just this. Only I can't fall asleep. My thoughts are flooded with how I will remove the bat, who can help me or at least stand by for moral support. I decide the daylight hours will be best for bat removal as the bat will be asleep at that time. I then decide that I need a man to assist in the bat removal. I struggled with this, I am confidant that I am quite capable of removing a bat on my own, but I need someone who won't scream if I do even if they really want to. this is likely to be a man.

I decide to go to the rhymesayers office & ask for volunteers and with this thought everything feels sorted out & I fall asleep.

In the morning I avoid the bedroom, putting on dirty clothes from the downstairs bathroom hamper & using my backup toothbrush also in the downstairs bathroom. I run some errands and finally stop by rhymesayers.

sweet, lovely jaybird agrees to come over.

we look all over the bedroom, in closets, behind things..we are clad with towels, gloves & paper bags ready to release the bat back into the wild. we nearly have given up when jaybird spots the sleeping bat in the strap of one of many purses and bags hanging on a closet door. I bite my lip, promising to try really hard not to scream and look on while jaybird gingerly removes the purse and puts it on the roof outside of the nearest window. The bat sleepily climbs into the purse and goes back to sleep. I sigh relief and thank jaybird profusely; the bat has been removed unharmed & I can rest easy tonight. xoxx


  1. Holy bat shit! I would have gone out of my mind, D. You are so brave for staying in the house whilst a bat took over your bedroom. I sincerely hope that wasn't one of your favorite purses. I mean, did you get it back, or is the purse on the roof now the bat's home? BTW, I loved that at the beginning of your post you almost had a Dr. Seuss poem started..."Is it a cat, or a rat, or bat?...Loverly. You're my hero today.

  2. Excellent work, Dahli.

    I forget what a city girl you are!