07 May 2007

mpls' may day.

post college, when i made the decision to move to my lovely hometown of minneapolis there were a number of things luring back to the city of lakes. Among them: going to shows at First Avenue, seeing plays at The Guthrie, winter & snow (I'm serious), hot humid summer nights (I'm still serious), dinner with my grandparents whenever I wanted, & finally the May Day Parade & ceremonies at Powderhorn Park.
Aaah May Day. In a nutshell it's essentially a day of fesitivities for uber liberal hippy dippies. It's put on by the Heart of The Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre (hotb.org). There's a parade that is peppered with themed floats/groups about everything on the liberal agenda, the environment, anti-war, peace, celebrating families & children..the list goes on. Anyone & any group is welcome to march in the parade as well. At May Day, 2002, esteemed Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone & his wife, Sheila walked the route shaking hands. There are people on stilts all over & the most amazing puppetry & mask work you'll ever see. Words do not do justice..here are some photos of the day...maybe not. photos are not uploading right now. sorry. stay tuned.

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  1. Ooh! Pictures, please!

    When I was on blogger and she was being a bitch and not loading photos, it helped if I cleared my cache and cooking and internet history and then tried again.

    Also, you may want to think about joining flickr. It's great and makes uploading to your blog SUPER easy.