03 May 2007

new york.

i left for new york in the wee hours of monday morning. my lovely aunt pal picked me up at 5:30 for my 7am flight. I arrived & took the train into the city where I was greeted by one of favorite friends, Josh. Josh promptly brought me to this fantasitc restaurant (westwood east) where we were waited on by a very funny young hipster who was from iowa. I had an amazing array of fresh, raosted vegatables from the market: beats with walnuts, green beans & my fav, whole roasted fennel with parmesan. we gossiped & caught up. We then took the subway to central park & spent the afternoon walking through the park and meandering through Time's Square.
After a good nap, I went to Pratt Institute to see my college friend, Ted & his Master's Thesis Exhibit, Articulation. Ultimately, Ted made space gloves as part of a contest for NASA. The exhibit was amazing & I am so impressed with my friend's work & talent - I can hardly wait to see what he does next. I meandered around at Ted's opening for a while & chatted with his mom & lovely girlfriend, Flora. I hadn't seen Teddy in nearly 4 years - crazy. Needless to say, it was great to drop in on him & see his thesis exhibition; it was a terrific excuse for a last minute trip to NY.

I took the train back to the West Village, had a late night pedicure & met up with Josh again. We went to a great hot dog restaurant called Grif's and then wrapped our day up (& my time in NY) over a few pints at a great little Irish Pub. It was a great trip - I am so glad I did it. xoxx

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  1. So cool! God, I love NYC.

    We should go there together some time. :)