08 April 2009


Last night Bravo aired The Real Housewives of New Jersey 30 minute preview. I hate to say it, but it was like real life Sopranos ladies without the Mafia. Gigantic houses that are fairly new, shiny cars, lavish home decor, and lots of tawk. Everyone is related (2 of the 5 are sisters and are married to a set of brothers, another woman is married to the brother of the two sisters, and the other 2 are friends) and everyone has money. Yet they are quick to say, "I didn't grow with this, this is new to me."

This should be a good series. I think the suburban aspect is nice and unlike the my favorite ladies in NYC, these ladies are not too prim & proper to let it go when conflict arises. There will be some good fights.

Meanwhile in New York, Luann has become so annoying. I mean, come on! Volunteer your time with adolescant girls from Brooklyn at The Boys & Girls club and talk to them about being a Countess (gag) and tell the girl who said she wanted to be a babysitter she was "cute" and the one who wanted to be a model that her face was pretty, she could still grow tall and "losing weight was the easiest part". Seriously?! Once upon a time Luann was my favorite, but her self absorbtion has become so clear in recent episodes, even Ramona ranks higher.


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