11 July 2009

The Secret is Out

Okay, okay. So the big secret that I intermittently elude to from time to time is that we are hoping to buy a freaking house in the very near future.

It's not really a secret, I guess, and it certainly doesn't need to be. It's just that sometimes I feel that when I really really really really want something to happen it's best not to talk about it but rather to just keep it close to me. I am finally learning in my thirties that this might not be the best route.

So let me dish to you, and forgive me if you know the gory details already.

This winter, Handsome Randy & I decided it was time to purchase a house. We feverishly looked through out February & March kind of racing against the clock as he was leaving on a tour in early April. Our hope was to have a house picked out by the time he departed with a closing date scheduled for when he arrived home again.

The weekend before he left we put an offer in on a lovely old house in the neighborhood I grew up in. But it was a short sale, which despite what the Wikipedia link I provided says and the name implies, they are really not all that short. In fact it seems they are very long. Very, very long.

It has been 3 months and counting. We still have no idea if we submitted the best offer (there were many others) and if we did, we have no indication of when it would all be resolved and the house would be ours. We could find out tomorrow (unlikely) or next year (probable).

This long wait, in addition to new weirdo neighbors below, HR's impending travels & a lame-o landlord have me ready to move right now. So ready in fact, that sometimes at night I fall asleep coming up with strategies for packing up our house when it comes time to do so. I will relish the moment I can legitimately look for boxes, let alone actually put things in one.

So. HR arrives home from on Sunday and beginning Monday we will be back on the lookout for the ideal abode. Keep your fingers crossed; we only have one week before he has to depart on another expedition.

So there. I put it out there for all the universe to see. Perhaps something will come of this. I, of course, will keep you posted.