22 February 2010

Finishing Sentences v.II

So, having all this time to myself, and that is all I have been doing, hanging out at home, one might think that I would be blogging like crazy. Not at all. It seems that I need interactions with the outside world for material & inspiration. But I need a little jump start, so I'm going to recycle this little survey from last summer.

I recorded the first thing that popped into my head upon reading each phrase.

Outside my window
Lots of snow! Our backyard is a giant mound of 3 - 4 foot high snowdrifts.

I am thinking
tomorrow marks the beginning of a new week & I am going to flourish all week long.

I am thankful for
my everlasting optimism. It seems that so much is easier to take when one hopelessly sees the silver lining in everything.

From the kitchen
A very bare pantry and relatively empty fridge. I need to go to the grocer's* tomorrow.
*I've decided to start saying "Grocer's" in place of "Grocery Store", I'm not really sure why. I guess I like the sound of it better.

I am wearing
a vintage pale yellow, tea length night dress with red trim on the sleeves, neckline and at the bottom. I think I picked it up at The Unique Thrift Store a few years back.

I am creating
two blankets for a little girl called Millie and her new sister, Josie.

I am going
to go to bed soon as I have to wake up very early and take Asha The Cat to the veterinarian; she has recently been diagnosed with Feline Diabetes.

I am reading
nothing very good in the novel department. But a lot of great stuff in The New Yorker & The Week.

I am hoping
that Ms. Asha will be back to herself soon and Feline Diabetes isn't as much of a hassle as I fear it to be. Even if it is, my cat of ten years is entirely worth it. She is the best cat I've had in my entire life & I've had my fair share of cats.

I am hearing .
an iTunes genius playlist based from "Be So Happy" by The Heartless Bastards. Just finished "These Are The Fables" by The New Pornographers and onto "Greenville" by Lucinda Williams. Genius is pretty great.

Around the house
it's lovely...even after nearly 6 months that "New House" charm hasn't worn off yet.

One of my favorite things
drinking coffee and journaling first thing in the morning (or afternoon) with NPR providing some background noise.

A few plans for the rest of the week
Movies: The Lovely Bones, Nine, A Serious Man, Sherlock Holmes (The Oscar Race is on)...work, and maybe some a little forage for change in my life.

A picture to share

This has quite literally been the winter of great heights. I don't remember the snow being as high as it is in many years...the weather peeps say at least 20. It's remarkable, exciting, and annoying all at once. But it sure makes me proud to be a Minnesotan, as winter usually does.


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